Nature of Loans Nature of Security 31st March,
31st March,
  Rs. Rs.
I. 13% Redeemable Non- Convertible Debentures [Note 18 on Schedule 17] First charge by way of hypothecation / mortgage on all the present and future current assets (save and except book debts and current assets hypothecated to banks in the ordinary course of business for working capital requirement) and movable/ immovable properties (including mortgage to be created on immovable properties at Uttarakhand of Company’s Tyre Unit) of all Units of the Company on pari passu basis with other lenders. 1,00,00,00,000
II. Term Loans from
  - State Bank of India Hypothecation / mortgage charge over all the immovable and movable properties (including charge to be created on properties at Uttarakhand of Company’s Tyre Unit) both present and future of all the Units of the Company ranking pari passu with the existing charges save and except assets exclusively charged to other for specific loans. 2,86,57,90,400 2,22,82,70,400
  Interest accrued and due   10,37,246 -
  - ICICI Bank Limited First pari passu charge on both present and future movable fixed assets of Cement expansion project under construction at Vasavadatta Cement Unit by way of hypothecation and first pari passu charge of mortgage over both present and future immovable fixed assets of Vasavadatta Cement Unit of the Company. 2,85,51,25,000 2,85,51,25,000
      Carried Over 6,72,19,52,646 5,08,33,95,400
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