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                                                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS) RULES,1988 
Efforts made in technology absorption as per Form 'B' of the Annexure.
                                                                                           FORM 'B'

1. Research & Development ( R & D)
(a) Specific areas in which R & D carried out Impact of Sodium Carbonate in washing vis-a-vis yarn strength,
low temperature steeping and xanthation of viscose. (Rayon & TP
R&D cell continued to work for improving the quality and
productivity with special attention on energy conservation. (Cement
New range of product developed for both domestic and
export markets with improved quality and reduction in cost. (Tyre
(b) Benefits derived as a result of above R &D Improvement in wet elongation (Rayon & TP Sections).
Improvement in quality and productivity (Cement Sections).
Achieved better productivity, product improvement, capacity
utilization and cost reduction (Tyre Section).
(c) Future Plan of Action Study to reduce solution lye temperature from existing 9 degree
centigrade to 1 degree centigrade and its impact on viscose quality,
other processed chemicals in aftertreatment. (Rayon & TP Sections)
Study for utilisation of waste heat recovery system and use of
alternate fuels. (Vasavadatta Cement Section) Introduction of new
range of products to cater the ever changing market requirement.
(Tyre Sections).
Expenditure on R & D

However, the Company paid a cess @ Re. 0.75 per tonne of cement
despatched to the Development Commissioner for Cement Industry,
Govt. of India, who in turn assists financially to National Council of
Cement & Building Materials to carry out Research & Development
Programmes in the interest of the Cement Industry. During the year
2008-09, the Company paid Rs.40.81 lacs to the said authority.
(Cement Sections).
(i) Capital                       –NIL
(ii) Recurring                  –NIL
(iii) Total                           –NIL
(iv) Total R & D expenditure as a
percentage of total turnover
2. Technology Absorption, Adaptation
and Innovation
(a) Efforts, in brief, made towards technology
absorption, adaptation and innovation
Installed counter flow cooling tower and use of Tantalum
spinnerettes. (Rayon & TP Sections) Installed cement mill 3 vertical
roller pregrinder and up graded kiln by changing cyclones MFC TA
Duct, preheater fan, SPRS system, VVVF drives. (Kesoram Cement
Efforts are being made for enhancement of productivity
and energy conservation. Executives / Employees are being
regularly deputed for attending seminars and workshops focusing
on Research & Development studies to keep them updated of
the latest technical developments. (Cement Sections) Technology
imported from M/s.Pirelli has been fully adapted to. In-house R &
D efforts are on for improvement in productivity. (Tyre Sections)
(b) Benefits derived as a result of the above efforts e.g. product improvement, cost reduction, product development, import substitution etc.
Saving in water and substitution of cost by gold / platinum
spinnerettes. (Rayon and TP Sections) Optimum capacity utilisation
with reduced power consumption.
3. In case of imported technology
(imported during the last 5 years
reckoned from the beginning of the
financial year), following information
may be furnished :
Not Applicable
(i) Technology Imported
(ii) Year of Import
(iii) Has technology been fully absorbed ?
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