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                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS) RULES, 1988 


(a) Energy conservation measures taken :
Installed VFD in Spinning machine in place of PIV gears, 1 degree centigrade approach & counter cooling tower and efficient plate heat exchangers for cooling caustic lye. (Rayon & T.P Sections) Synchronised with grid to reduce auxiliary consumption and increased load factor in power points. Replaced reciprocating compressor by screw type compressor in preheater-2. Modified poppet valve to arrest leakages, bag house in-let duct to increase the suction and reverse air point in each module and raw mill in-let duct to increase volume and reduce pressure drop. Increased diameter of pipe conveyor belt to avoid spillage of cement & feed restriction at cement mill - 3. Changed material composition of crusher hammer to reduce the stoppage. Reversed air fan running interlock with bag house D.P. Used cinter cast / x win materials in place of Hichrome in coal mill - 1 to 3. (Vasavadatta Cement Section) Changed top cyclones, MFC, TA duct and preheater fan, SPRS system and VVVF drives. Installed vertical roller pregrinder for cement mill - 3, VVVF drives for cement mill - 1 & 2, LNV separator and mill vent DC fan and weigh feeders for raw mill - 3. (Kesoram Cement Section) Installed rest numbers of scroll package AC, high efficiency TG supply pumps in cooling towers. Introduced gas firing in place of diesel firing at Dip unit. Modified TG cooling tower. Provided capacitor in PCC No.2 and harvesting rainwater. Reducing day lighting in the plant. (Tyre Sections) Installed variable frequency drive in cooling tower, in brine pumps, Return water pumps of Rectifier Transformers and energy efficient lights. Replaced high tension capacitor in HT capacitor bank. (Hindusthan Heavy Chemicals Section)

(b) Additional investment proposals, if any, being implemented for reduction of consumption of energy :

Installation of vapour absorption machine to create chilled water from waste and high efficiency ejectors for vaccum crystallizers. (Rayon & TP Sections) Installation of Gamma Matrix, automatic star-delta-star starter for clinker crusher motor, capacitor banks at LT Motor terminals. Replacement of gear box of Kiln II, inefficient process fans, coal mill 1 & bag filter out let duct. CFD analysis to reduce pressure drops in various ducts. (Vasavadatta Cement Section) Up-gradation of Blending Silos, replacement of existing Kiln II cooler with latest energy efficient cooler and reducing pressure drop of kiln II preheater and kiln I C- line No II cyclone. (Kesoram Cement Section) Installation of VFD at boiler feed pump, chilled water pump, D M water pump, soft water pumps and provision of auto shut off valve in chilled water system. Rain water harvesting. Planned to send chilled and processed water return through overhead pipe line. Plain water to be used in place of chilled water in T.C.U & cooler. Boiler feed pump running with high pressure, I.D. Fan with VFD and arresting of air leakages. (Tyre Sections)

(c) Impact of measures at (a) & (b) above for reduction of energy consumption and consequent impact on the cost of production of goods :

Reduction in electricity consumed per unit of production was witnessed in general having favourable impact on the cost of production.

(d)Total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of production as per Form "A" of the Annexure in respect of industries specified in the Schedule thereto.
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