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Captive power generation has increased from 280.56 million KWh to 338.12 million KWh, including 10.22 million KWh produced by Captive Power Plant IV, 21.44 million KWh of the power generated was sold to Gulbarga Electric Supply Company Ltd. The increase in generation of power is due to improved capacity utilization of the existing units and commercial generation from March 2009 in the new Captive Power Plant of 17.5 MW capacity as aforestated. The captive power generation has met about 94% of the total power requirement of the Section.
The year was marked by unfortunate spurt in the costs of various inputs, particularly coal, which forms a substantial part of the cost of cement production. Due to short supply of coal under linkage quota and also deterioration in quality, the Section had to resort to higher imports of coal as well as buy the coal in the open market/e-auction, which resulted in increase in cost of production. Similarly, due to the short supply of coal in the linkage, the cost of captive power generation has risen.
However, the cost increases were partially offset by price increases and better operational efficiency.
This section has won quite a few awards, including 1st prize in 'Top Soil Management' from Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Association and 1st prize in 'Drilling & Blasting' and 'Method of Working' from Mines Safety Association, Karnataka.
The Section remains engaged in various social welfare activities such as construction of cement concrete road, drainage, conducting health camps, eye camps, blood donation camps, dental camps, pulse polio camps, literacy programmes and tailoring classes in Sedam and surrounding villages.
Industrial relations during the year were cordial and peaceful.
Kesoram Cement
Production figures of this section are as under :
(Qty in MT)
Production 2008-09 2007-08
Clinker 10,97,175 10,47,210
Cement 15,11,615 11,99,445
This Section too has achieved highest ever production of both Clinker and Cement. The capacity of this Section has increased from 12 lac MT per annum to 15 lac MT during the second half of the year 2008-09 by adding balancing equipment to the existing plant.
Production of blended Cement has risen from 9.36 lac M.T. to 12.46 lac M.T. during the year, which is a growth of about 33%. Due to consistent high quality of product, the 'BIRLA SHAKTI' has built up an excellent brand profile.
The Section strives to grow its market share of the home market, Andhra Pradesh and the same has risen from 8.38 lac M.T. to 10.33 lac M.T. during the year, a growth of over 23%. In the process, the Section is able to get higher net realization against lower logistic cost.
There has been substantial increase in the cost of raw materials, in particular coal and power. However, the same has been partially offset by better sales realizations. Increase in blended cement production has also helped in reducing cost.
Captive Thermal Power Plant of this Section generated 1,177.53 lac units of power, the highest generation ever, out of which 30.20 lac units were supplied to AP TRANSCO. In this section, about 79% of overall power requirements, including for increased cement production of 26%, was met from captive generation and the balance was purchased from AP GENCO. In view of the above, the section is seriously considering power generation by Waste Heat Recovery System.
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