Kesoram - Corporate Announcements

Financial Year 2022-23
Postal Ballot Results Feb 2023
Newspaper Advertisement for Postal Ballot Notice and E-voting Information
Postal Ballot Notice January 2023
Newspaper Advertisement
Postal Ballot Voting Results along with Scrutinizer's Report
Postal Ballot Notice 2022
Annual Return 2021-22
Voting Results along with Scrutinizer Report
Brief Summary of the AGM Proceedings
Attendance Slip, Proxy Form and Route Map
Despatch & E-Voting Information
Public Notice
103rd AGM Notice
Newspaper Advertisement
BM Intimation
Related Party Disclosures
Board Meeting Intimation
Postal Ballot Intimation January 23
Board Meeting Intimation January 23
Postal Ballot Intimation November 22
Board Meeting Intimation November 22
Board Meeting Intimation October 22
Board Meeting Intimation July 22
Board Meeting Intimation April 22
Regulation 47 UFR December 2022
Regulation 47 Postal Ballot Notice November 2022
Regulation 47 Postal Ballot Notice e-voting Information November 2022
Regulation 47 UFR September 2022
Regulation 47 UFR June 2022
Regulation 47 AGM Compleation of dispatch of Notice May 2022
Regulation 47 AGM Notice May 2022
Regulation 47 Forfeiture of First Final Call Money April 2022
Regulation 47 AFR March 2022
Regulation 47 Postal Ballot Notice January 2022
Regulation 47 Postal Ballot Notice e-voting Information January 2022
Financial Year (2022)
KIL AGM 2021 Voting
KIL Inspection Documents for AGM 2021
Related Party Disclosures as on March, 2022
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report - 2021-22
Newspaper Advertisement Rights
Trading Window
Regulation 47
Newspaper Advertisement
BM Notice
Complaint reports Scheme
Statutory Auditors certificate
Complaint Reports Scheme
Report of Audit Committee
Independent Director's Report
Valuation Report
Compliance Report
Fairness Opinion
Financial Details
CIL's Statutory Auditor's Certificate
Scheme of Arrangement
Pre and Post Shareholding
Financial Year (2021)
KIL EGM Notice, Corrigendum
KIL EGM Notice
KIL EGM Notice
KIL Proceedings of EGM
KIL Voting Results and Scrutinizer Report EGM
Kesoram EGM Notice
KIL Scrutinizer Report AGM 2020
KIL - Proceedings of AGM 2020
Outcome of the meeting of the Fund Raising Committee
Notice for Payments
Closure of Trading Window
KIL Resignation of Bhaskar Niyogi
KIL Credit Rating Forwarding
Financial Year (2020)
AGM Notice Paper Publication
AGM Attendance Slip
KIL Demise of Amitabha Ghosh
Financial Year (2019)
AGM Voting Result
AGM Newspaper Notice Publication
Attendance cum Proxy form for AGM 2018
Notice to Secured Creditors
Notice to Unsecured Creditors
Notice to Equity Shareholders
Financial Year (2018)
AGM Voting Results
AGM Notice – Publication
Mr. Das Dissociation Letter
Appointment of Director
Financial Year (2017)
Proxy Form & Attendance SlipBook Closure
Book Closure
Cessation of KMP