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Notes :
1. The above Consolidated cash flow statement has been prepared under the Indirect Method as set out in the Accounting Standard - 3 on Cash Flow Statements.
      For the year ended
31st March, 2009
2. Cash and Cash Equivalents comprise :  
  Cash in Hand 84,02,227
  With Scheduled Banks on -  
    Current Account 54,25,76,016
  Unpaid Dividend Accounts 1,48,12,098
  Term Deposit Account 28,31,188
  With Post Office Savings Bank Account 5,000
3. Cash and Cash equivalents of Bulland Buildmart (Private) Limited comprise Cash in hand of Rs.6,91,821 and balance with Scheduled bank in Current Account of Rs. 13,39,189
This is the Consolidated Cash Flow Statement referred to in our report of even date
      B. K. Birla   Chairman
2nd May, 2009.
(S. K. Deb)
Membership No. 13390
For and on behalf of
Price Waterhouse
Chartered Accountants
S. K. Parik
Director & Secretary
K. G. Maheshwari
B. P. Bajoria
P. K. Choksey
G. B. Pande
Amitabha Ghosh
P. K. Mallik
Manjushree Khaitan